Maternity Check Up

After the UPT test, i started asking my friends whether to go for check up immediately or not. I cant remember, whether i wait for a week or what. But i didn't want to do check up at government facility. But they said, you must have the pink book, because when you hv complication during your pregnancy/delivery, private facility will discharge/transfer you to the government facility. So, you must have your pink book. Marah org gomen, nyusohkan ore last2 minute dop? 

Benefit of the pink book.

The pink book has its own benefit after the delivery, you can go to nearest KK, then the Jururawat Masyarakat (JM) will come to your house during confinement period to check on you and your little baby & it also will ease the routine baby's vaccination.

So i googled up the private clinic/hosp in Bangi-Kajang area. The shorlisted one were An Nur, Az Zahra, KPMC. 

An-Nur / Az-Zahra

The coallegue suggested their preferred clinic , An Nur /Az Zahra, but when i went to An Nur or Az Zahra, apparently it was closed. 

Good side.

My colleague told me, this clinic play the quran verse during delivery. 

Less good side.

Some said, many patients, thus has less advantage interm of waiting time (for private clinic).

Kajang Plaza Medical Centre (KPMC)

So, the next day, i went to KPMC.

Good side.

My senior colleague & also my colleague's wife had their delivery there & kinda satisfied with the service & cost. They said, if you checked with Dr Jamil, the consultant (the owner if not mistaken), the price will be low despite the better tech in his room. 

I also read some good review of Dr Jamil dengan kekemasan jahitannya & his dedication. Ramai mak mak yang suka dengan service dia. Siap nak beranak seterusnya nak ngan Dr Jamil je. Giteww..

Less Good side.

But , when i googled up, got one blog condemn Dr Jamil, because he gv short consultation, like just scan, then ok, done. But according to my colleague, he memang like that. Tak banyak cakap. He will only explain more if you ask or if there's problem with your pregnancy. 

Due to that particular blog, i set appointment with Dr Mimi (MO only but will explain more). I went there twice, before and after honeymoon, the 1st check up did not turn well for me, as i was so effing anxious, some more cried while on my way home, because i couldn't see my baby & the gestational sac was blur (she didnt tell me its blur, she said "klw 7 weeks da nampak da ni, at least kantung"), hum hum. xnampak pon. Of course la, i just passed urine before that. Duh. But Dr diagnosed as Early Pregnancy (7 weeks) because of the +UPT that i showed her (in my phone, HAHA) & advised me to continue taking folic acid for the development of baby's nervous system & come back after a month. But, after that, i kept asking people whether i was pregnant or not, is the UPT was falsely positive? i repeated the UPT after a week, & the bold line appeared. Smiled again. But da xnak mengharap sangat & i did take my sister's word seriously, which was ectopic pregnancy, or ist positive due to cyst? LOL. That is so me, negativity will win. For the next month, i forced myself to keep calm & keep the stupid anxiety away, if ada ada, xde terima dgn redha. I restraint myself from urinate, klw doctor silap tekan, confirm kencing atas katil. Heheh. And yeyy, i could see my baby (11 weeks), smile to ears. (then i remember that is the kantung that i saw when she said tak nampak, may be its too blur, so she better say tak nampak lagi). Masa 2nd time lah baru dia tanya, tadi ada pass urine tak? Kan senang masa 1st check up da bgtau awal2. Seb baik kawan da bgtau. The price per check up is rm50 only (Consultation & scan ).

The first positive UPT.

The happy parents to be.

The next week positive UPT.

The 11 weeks baby. 
Ok after the obvious confirmation, the Dr. asked me whether to continue check up there or Gvmnt or both ? If choose gvmt, still can hv delivery there if only you come do your check up at 32 weeks, then they will accept you. Hubby asked me to choose only 1. So i opt for government only, to get the pink book & the benefit & security and  cont check up till 32 weeks.

Actually i thought of hving my 1st gvmnt check up at Hosp Kajang (my working place), but after i called up the nurse at gynae clinic, she said "even their own clinic staff needs to hv their check up at KK and hv referral letter to their doctor". So, i was like 'Ok'. Malas layan, leceh no kau ni. Padahal senior2 colleague check up je kat situ.

Klinik Kesihatan Kajang.

So, i went to KK Kajang, my intention was to get the referral letter, staff nurse said, "nanti bgtau doc", doc said " da bgtau staff nurse?" At last, i got none. Malas aku. So, i just cont check up there.

Good side

The good side of KK is, they are more detail, they make sure you do all the check up requirement such as dental check up at least once during your pregnancy, regular finger prick for your hemoglobin level, OGTT test at your 28 weeks pregnancy (if hv family history, you will hv to do earlier than this), and AntiTetanus Jab, 2 times. You got all that for free. 

Compared to other facility, even my hospital, they dont check Hb regularly, ATT jab is not necessary unless for the 1st baby. Private im not sure. If got, you need to pay more , of course.

So, i think, its a good decision, to hv early check up as confirmation at private, then everything okay, do regular check up at KK, because they are more detail, and at the end of pregnancy, go to your preferred maternity centre. 

Less good side.

The well known turn off at gov facility, of course the waiting time. Start taking number at 9am, end at 12 or 1pm. But no blame, they have tried their best, not that they are shaking their legs. No charges, lots of patient, that's what you get. Fair enough.

KK dont do regular scanning, because of tech constraint. But Hosp will do it, regularly. In KK they will only do, if your fundal height doesn't match your pregnancy week. And, you will only be offered for a scan at 9 weeks of pregnancy, since they wanna know the baby's position.

Britannia Women & Children, Specialist Centre.

So for the gender scanning, at 21 weeks i went to Brittania Kajang. I chose to hv the scan here since my chinese colleague preferred Britannia, because the specialist there is from Hosp kajang and they really satisfied with the service but remind me mahal sikit lah.

Good side.

Apart from that, the technology is tip top, heheh. So i wanna experience how good is Britannia. When i went in, Dr Tan, straightly write & told me what ever he wrote. Lagi better than Dr Mimi, ni lagi betol consultation, and teros let me get on the bed to check on the baby. He put the scanner, and straightly said, " this is the brain, lets count it, this is bla3, let see the size otak, ok cantik, lets count her jantung, 1,2,3,4, cantik, this is his bla:, all the bone, the jari, but cant show you the genital part, since baby kepit, but i can tell you he is a boy, sekali tgk i tau ini boy". The next month pergi mmg betol boy. But my baby was small to date masa 26 weeks (at 21 weeks = 340g, at 26 weeks = 816g). Though had doubled up, still not getting in the line yet. At that week, he expected 1kg. The next month he wanna see 1.6g and above. He adviced me to take 2 tabs multivitamin, and at the  3rd trimester, avoid unnecessary Jamu & DHA pill since it will lower your Hb level, take only from natural source. Xsempat aku nak lebih pandai kan baby nih. Humm. Terbantot nak beli NeuroGain.

My baby at 21 weeks, (340g), kepit position, tak nak tunjuk muka. Baby baby. 2nd time pergi pulak tak dapat tengok, sebab my baldder empty, cant have this clear pic. Babyy... mama nak tengok muka babyyy.. Tak de rezeki lagi nak tengok. :(
Doc checking up the air ketuban, whether cukup or not, and also blood supply to baby, ok or blocked. Mine is fine. Alhamdulillah.

My baby weight, at 26 weeks small to date, but at 31 week yeahh my baby get on the track. Keep growing baby.

Oh, and to hv delivery here , enough to have only 3 check up session here, then you can give birth here, provided no complication (Diabetes, Hypertension, etc). Thats why you must hv back up at least the pink book as i said, you dont know what will happen to you along the pregnancy, if you only do check up at private, you will make gov dr/sn in mess if you being discharged to them last minute.

And after my first check up, i was given like 4 promo pack of anmum materna (mango) for me to try. Which i continue taking it, and plan to stop when doc said, my baby is not small to date anymore. I only take 2 scoop instead of 4 per day, since 4 scoop nauseating me the whole day. Yeah, he made it at 31 weeks. Great baby.

And oh, at early pregnancy, 1st trimester, private including britannia, will take your blood for triple test to detect any potential genetic disorder such as down syndrome. I didnt do it. Huu.. I hope you are fine baby. Mama always pray for your health & wellness.

Less good side.

Of course, compare dengan KPMC, KPMC charge 50 (with/without printed scan) Britannia 90, (with printed 3D scan 140). Mahal kan? Hee. But for me, once i puas hati with your service, i dont mind paying more if you deserve it. (But actually, colleagues told me to let him know im Hosp Kajang's staff, then the check up will be free, but 2 times i pergi, i tak bagitahu.. wuuwuu.. malu lah, biar la dia tau sendiri, but memang semua yg pergi pon terbukti dapat camtu. HAHA. Tapi takpelah segan)

So, my EDD,
Dr KK said, it cant be more than a week difference from menses and scan EDD. I think because of the irrregular menses, you should follow scan. She scan, 7/11, so less than a week diff from the KPMC scan. She said follow scan. Accepted.  Then go to britannia, i just explained a bit about spotting, he cepat je paham, tak payah panjang lebar, he took 26/1 as last menses and take 2/11 as my EDD. So the range will be 2/11-9/11. 

As conclusion, Government & Private has it pros & cons that complement each other.

Thus, i rather have both side. Early trim, go to private, as you got the detail you want, go to KK for regular check up, 3rd trim focus to the facility that you choose for your delivery. 
But i overlapped both start 5 months, cause i wanna see my baby's gender, but at the same time i dont wanna miss the KK;s benefit. At 7 weeks, i quit KK and get myself focus only to 1 place.

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