Danish @ Kids Eworld.


This saturday, i brought Danish to Kids E world. The plan started when i scrolled Lara Alana IG. Her mummy brought her there. So I clicked the location on top of the pics, and Danish seems very excited to see the balls picture on the screen. (He's very obsess to ball).

Since Danish's parents had only taken Danish to Afamosa theme park Malacca, as his 1st animal & water exposure, so i guess, its good if i can bring him to another outdoor activities.

The plan had almost being cancelled after he got infected with my cold on thursday night, but thank God with the PCM & Cetrizine the cold stop there. So, no more guilty to bring him there.

I woke up early morning, picked his mama yana at Gombak, and we headed to IPC. We paid RM 63 including GST, for a kid & 2 guardians. And paid extra RM5 for Danish's socks (all must wear socks, thought Danish doesnt need socks so that he can climb easily, without getting slipped) and another RM5, for extra guardian (Guardians : me, yana, ayed). Mama needs extra guardian of course, since mama bring along a 7 months old unborn baby in her womb.

Since we arrived there at 11, Danish can enjoy the moment as he owned the place. (Actually his mama yana yang fefeeling owning the place like the old kid).

Danish focus & enjoy most the colorful balls pool, the balloon , and starting to love the slides. (But you need to climb before you can get down the slides, if not i will ask his paklang or mama yana to get him sliding till he get enough of it).

We ended our 1st session at 1pm, and took our lunch at manhattan, solat, and have our sweet time buying iphone casing, tempered glass at the street, e-curve. (Purposely did that, so that danish can have 1-2 hour nap time before he get cranky in the 2nd session). Thought of getting myself a cardigan , but couldnt find the one i saw last time with oko.

We went again to the kids e world, at 4pm, (of course i made sure RM 60 didnt go wasted). This time with another 2 guardians very excited to join along, while paklang staying in car. I paid 1 extra tag, RM 5 for a new guardian, the other guardian just took the tag from paklang. So total guardians, 4. The new guardians : the 14 years old yana & aen. Even danish was out for the diaper change, those 2 girls were still in the balloon area jumping chasing the balloon, hey your kid is outtt here. Very the excited. But the pm time was crowded with more energetic kiddos, me cant bear it. So plz come early in the morning, if you want your kids to own the place. Before we ended the day at 6pm, we gv chance to Danish to warm down at the toddler area. More peaceful. 

Danish & Mama yana.
So RM 60 for 2 kids i consider. LOL.

The pm session.
2 new guardians.
or Danish with 3 other kids. 

Thank you girls for entertaining my boy.

The passive guardian.
The most she could do.

Danish & ball.

Colorful balls made his day.

Balloons heaven.

Balls again.

The kids under 4 area.

and not to forget, his Pak Lang.

Overall, i think Danish enjoyed his day. & he focus on ballss & balls. Less interest in climbing, and starting to love slide, i can see his face very excited everytime coming down from slides, and didnt scare at all when we let him slides by himself. 

He slept very well on the night, without getting clingy to me. Heaven. Will bring you to more places, baby. You are a big boy now. And i kept all his balls videoo in his ipad, so i dont need to find and find balls video in youtube. Watch yours. And, 24 hours after the activities, you are still healthy, good, you are safe (this time) from the HFMD whatever contagious disease. Pheww.

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To love or to hate?

So bored right now. Feeling empty. How should i feel ? It just repeating every other month. The 1st week he went offshore, i can take it positively. It just that my son, who's growing, starts to express his feeling by hving fever for a day or two at the early days of his absence. Me start to think what to cook for danish's breakfast, for me & bro's dinner. How much to spend so that i wont draw much cash from his account.

When he's not around. Kinda miss him. Time is ticking too slow. Weeks feel like months. Still not immune to it.

But i know when he comes back, it will be another story of exhaustion. Exhausted with accumulating oncalls. He will take care of Danish while im oncall. And my day full of his planning , mostly going to his family place. 

Hemm.. How to say, my marriage turns something like this: this month i'll be a single mother, im the leader, no argument. The other month, the chief comes back, there start the argument, i want this way, he wants that way, but he will be at home for a month, not working, he do all the chores, he will think what to eat tonite, clean up the mess, play with Danish, the roles divided into two, instead of all on me.

Few months later, another baby will need my attention too. Maid? A burden or a helper? Or should i just cont my life as usual but with more sweats & struggle. Dont wanna touch your job, its your choice. You are trying to support us, thus i should support you, i know it will end someday, at the right time. We both will do our best, tho its hard. 

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Harini berjaya bukak buku pink kat KK. Nak give up da g KK kajang, dia soh datang isnin rabu. Da la susah parking. So try KK chua. Eh sampai kol 10 da xterima da , soh datang esok. Aku dtg esoknye which is arini eh nak sok datang lain hari plak. Sbb khamis ari org buat OGTT. So ramai. Xkesah la. Aku nak bukak gak.

Ui. Yg mengambik darahnye sakit. Setakat ni xpenah lagi org amek darah sakit kat tgn mak ni. Mmg mak zabarr je. Nasib Hb kita 13.4. Xyah amek darah lagi. KK chua monthly pon amek darah kat lengan. Klw ada anemia. Amek lengan gak. Xde prick2 kat jari. Mak xsanggup klw gitu skillnye. Tp masok bilik staffnurse, baik staffnurse tu. Masok bilik doctor, strict kau. Siap pertikaikan kenapa Dr Tan czer . Xengage, tbelit tali pusat, rahim kebelakang ke bukan reason utk czer unless da try utk normal. Klw camni means dr tan ingat pelvic i kecik. "U tak kecik sgt, baby x besar sgt" apa2 pon sy xnak komen la sbb dia specialist la, tp klw sy , sy akan cuba normal dulu, ni saya rasa next time awak czer jugak.
Pastu aku mintak dia discharge kan la. & bgtau niat bukak buku pink incase klw ada complication atleast sy da ada buku pink. Tp doc tu cam xgalakkan lah. Dia klw boleh nak aku follow up sampai sudah ngan gomen, tp nak beranak mana tu ikot suka lah, sbb klw ada kes kematian ibu atau anak masa kelahiran, buku pink ni la guna utk buat siasatan, swasta biasanye xtelus, tp dia kata ada je la yg telus. Oo gitu. Dia kata , sy bagi je la appt seterusnya, ikot awakla nak dtg ke x. Pastu g kat snurse yg baik tu semula mintak tarikh appt, aku tanya sy xnak la follow dua tempat, sy pasni nak g private, klw ada komplikasi sy dtg sini balik bolehkan.  Snurse tu ok je. Dia tulis la kat buku tu nak follow up private. Cuma dia kata awak jgn xg check up plak, kena jujur g check up. And klw da beranak kena inform sini semula. Baikk! Sengih sampai telinga. Akot la mak sik amek daraah je. Da la soh dtg minggu 14 (next week) minom air gula. Tekak ni x ok lagi. Oko pon da g laut. Klw mak muntah camne. Nak nangis kat siapa mintak simpati. Mak kenot tau. Pastu nak kena amek darah plak dua kali. Tadi amek cam nak bengkak tangan. Xsukaaa lah. Xpe2 mak follow brittania. No worry. Doakan kita ok je xde problem k. Kita xhabes lagi ketaksukaan check up. Nak kena repeat lagi. Klw boleh biar yg light & xstressful sgt la. Anak pertama semangat kobar2 sikit. Anak kedua sebab xsempat kumpul semangat lagi. Biar la relax2 sikit, asalkan mak tenang jeww.

K la tu je hapdet.
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THE HELPER for independent mama.

Kemain kau tajuk. ok, I cam nak tulis la babygear ke apa-apa la yang i membeli nak mudahkan hidup i jaga Danish. Da lama nak tulis, ni tengah oncall, sesambil tunggu patient, boleh la kita bebel2 in between kan. I minom nescafe sebungkus td, sebab rasa ngantok amat sgt. now rasa heaven kesegaran mata ini, sampai rajin tulis blog.


Babycot ni i semangat beli before Danish lahir. Beli sebab nak letak Danish dalam ni masa pantang kat rumah mama, since rumah mama ada kucing. tapi bila da pantang, rupanya mama da buang seme kucing, sebab mak dia over bila nampak kucing, takot meroyan or bentan sebab kucing plak. So, tak letak la Danish dalam babycot. Susah la caesarean nak bangun duduk angkat2 baby dari babycot, better tido sebelah i je lah. So babycot digunakan time dia da pandai golek-golek. Takot jatuh katil. Bila jaga sorang, nak gi mana-mana dalam rumah tu, letak dia dalam tu. Tapi Danish tak suka la babycot. HEHE. Tapi suka tak suka i tetap letak dia dalam tu. Masa dok sorang letak babycot mengadap bilik air. beli bumper cot supaya kaki dia tak terselit-selit kat pagar-pagar tu, and bila dia jatuh pon tak terhantuk. As long as dia nampak i, dia hoke. Pastu letak mainan dalam tu, sambil kita mandi dia main-main la ngan menan tu. sembahyang pon sebelah babycot asal dekat dengan dia. Pastukan i rasa cam sepatotnye I beli playpen ada tyre kan senang i nak sorong sana sini.

Playgym nye barang i transfer ke sini, bila dia da meluat sangat tgk playgym tu.

"serabot aku dok dalam babycot ni"- Danish

Bumpercot mengurangkan hantokan.

Before turun kan base.

selepas turunkan base. tempat mainan danish time mama mandi & solat.

"tapi kadang-kadang sabar ini ada batasnye mama"- Danish


Nunaleaf i beli sebagai ganti buai. Danish memang susah tidor. memang tahap kena buai. Tapi da tau keburukan buai tu, memang tak beli. Last sekali beli nunaleaf, at least dia swing la. Danish memang tak dependent kat nunaleaf ni. sebab kita letak masa dia khayal nak tidor, atau pon masa transit dia dari katil, or kereta, supaya dia tak terjaga. Sampai now dia da 10 bulan pon masih guna. Tapi bukan masa dia segar bugar. Masa open house, letak baby kawan kerja, hoi baby tu terus tidooor dibuai. HAHA. senang nye. Tapi Danish hanya untuk melenakan dia yang sedang tidor sahaja. So, kalau bangun pagi nak gi kerja, instead of letak dia dalam babycot, yang dia selalu perasan ok kalau dia tidor, orang transit dia dalam babycot, komfem dia bangun and ngamok, so pagi2 akan testing dulu, letak slow2 dalam babycot, kalau dia tidooo, fuuuyy, lega leyh wat bubur dia kemas beg bagai pagi2 tanpa risau dia akan tergolek jatuh katil, tapi kalau dia merengek, i letak dia dalam nunaleaf. Ok. dia sambong tidor. Haritu masa fam oko nak datang raya, oko kibot beli itu ini, tunggu orang sesat jalan seme, i buat air, isi kuih seme settle, sebab danish tidor nyenyak dalam nunaleaf.

mood : Ok

Mood: Em tak pe mama, danish sabar je.

Mood : lepaskaann sayaa


Bumbo seat ni i beli masa Danish meniarap lagi, tapi dia tak suka meniarap, dia tension hadap lantai, dia nak orang dudukkan dia sambil dia main. So, i pon terfikir bumbo seat. Tapi bumbo seat ni, Danish memang tak duduk lama, dia akan geliatkan badan dia kasi keluar. I guna masa nak feed dia. Tapi sama lah, kejap je da geliat2 nak keluar. Last sekali feed dalam walker, tapi kotor laa walker tu hoi. But, i guna ni, time i gosok baju. JENG JENG. i gosok baju, i letak dia dalam bumbo seat, dikelilingi barang-barang yang dia rasa nak capai, so sementara i iron tu, dia main lah sebelah i.

Makan kena bukak baju, ni pon terbalik bekas makanan dia tepok.

Masa memula beli.

Dia bahagia dok dalam tu kalau kita biar dia bebas tarik sana sini. tapi i akan letak bantal kelililing kalau dia cam lasak, takot la terbalik dalam tu. LULZ.

Ni time study. Study angattt.


Jeng-jeng. Walker. benda yang i sangat tak nak beli. Sebab no good kan. tapi i beli secara tak sengaja sebab geram tengok comel. Pastu bila da beli i rasa kerja seharian i mudah. Wahah. Kalau tak de walker, sebelum ni i letak danish dalam nunaleaf. Ko hingat dia sabar kena ikat dalam tu. Pastu letak dia kat luar, ko akan basuh pinggan sambil kepala toleh kat dia, tak tengok pinggan. pastu risau dia jatuh seme. nak makan pon kena pegang dia yang akan tarik2 pinggan, tangan yang sangat laju itu. Bila da ada walker, time i makan i letak dia dalam walker, sambil bagi dia makan biskut, habis makan angkat keluar. Masa basuh botol susu dia, buat bubur dia, masa kat dapor la letak dia dalam tu jap, bagi dia apa2 mainan, da siap keje angkat. Tapi kalau dia cranky mintak angkat yet kerja harus disettlekan kena letak dia kat lantai bagi segala benda kasi dia main. Satu hari xlebeyh 1 jam Danish dok dalam tu, i think should be fine.

Ni je ada gambo walker? pfft. Ni masa papa nak keluar n mama pump susu. dia tak pandai gerakkan walker lagi time ni. sik pusing bentuk bulatan je.

Conclusion routine harian: 

1. MANDI - babycot (nangis or gembira, kamu duduk la dalam tu, as long as u are safe there)
2. BLEND BUBUR & pack apa yg xsempat masa malam ikot mood Danish - babycot/nuna (kalau tidor), Walker (kalau dia xmo tdo da pagi, nanges2 yet kerja harus diteruskan, pack2 barang2 sikit biorkan je dia nangis, kalau tak, tak gi kerja mak, tapi jarang lah)

Balik kerja pump susu, mandi, sembahyang settle kan apa yg patot dalam masa sejam, ambik Danish.
1. BASUH BOTOL SUSU - dalam walker

1. SEDIAKAN BEG NURSERY - Biarkan dia kat lantai
2. IRON BAJU- Lantai / Bumbo seat
3. BUBUR/SUSU - Lantai/Walker
4. MAKAN - Walker

Semua helper ni kekejap je. Especially kalau xde pembantu or suami. As long as keje jalan & baby selamat.

Ni aktiviti kalau biar dia kat lantai.

paling feveret ada wyre2 ni.
memang belom kahwin lagi da beli, memang niat utk hiborkan anak, and bagi anak hidup gaya sihat dari baby lagi.

Hasilnye, belum setahun da pandai kayoh beskal. Nampak kan berbaloi.

"Mama, tolong jangan propa"- Danish

Weyh. perot sakit, tangan rasa nak gigil lah, nak muntah! Ni LAH PADAH NESCAFE! adoiiiii. Hate it.
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Semi open hauz


*sambil bersih2 sawang kat blog*

Sambil mengepam kita hapdet2 sikit lah. Nak hapdet pasal pencapaian hidop. HAHA. (tak habes pon hapdet, sambong masa oncall plak ni, HEHE).

Hari ahad lepas weekend ke 3 raya, kita ada panggil orang2 dtg raya umah kita. Sebab kita teringin sangat nak org datang raya, kita masakkan something. Walaupun masak yang hado je kan. Since kakak ipar nak datang, plan buat mee hun bakso la. Kena try ni buat something. Pastu rakan kerja yg dok satu taman ada buat open house, kita pon sibok soh rakan kerja yg dtg umah dia tu singgah umah kita. Lepas tu kita xtau la nak agak berapa. Pastu husband kita kata masak banyak sikit tau, nak jempot kawan dia gak. Deboorr pulopp kita, terus whatsapp backup dancer aka sisters, diorg kata nak masakk apaaa, kena la masak banyak2 stakat beehun tu 1 keluarga jee boleh makann. Tapi kita da terjemput ni. HAHA. da la first time nak ajak orang datang makan-makan, nak masak sendiri ada hati. 

Kita pilih bee hun bakso tu sebab masa kat kampung kak teh wat bee hun soup bakso tu, da la sikit, tp sampai ke malam org datang masih boleh makan. Sebab mama kita yg topup kan soup tu kat belakang. Mama kata bila soup tu da nak abes, tumis bawang merah, bawang putih, perencah soup atas dapor, letak garam semua, curah balik dalam periuk noxxa tu, stir & fry. Jadi semula. Tulang2 dalam periuk tu jangan cedok bagi org lak. Tambah bakso. Kejap je da topup kuah. Mee tu celur je la. So ok cammm ok kalau habes senang je ni. sebab nampak sangat simple yet orang datang masih ada makanan.

So projek bermula pada malam itewww. Mula-mula buat sambal kicap dolluu. 

1st time juga buat sambal kicap. (bersama sayur hiasan iteww)

kita amek segenggam cili api, gula, kicap. kita blend. pastu kita panaskan atas kuali, supaya tahan lama. kita sik tambah gula je sampai da tak pedas pule. hehe.
Pastu kita start rerebus tulang temulang itu.

Periuk noxxa beli ngan mama. Mulanya nak beli periok masak atas dapur. akak kata, daripada ko beli periuk 200-300 baiklah beli periuk noxxa je dari mama, rm 500. oh 500 je? aku ingat seribu lebeyh. tu yang mama promote2 aku tak beli. patot la aku beli barang electronic lain kena perli ngan mama, yang lain boleh beli, periok mama tak nak beli. ok2.

Ni tulang lembu kena biorkan 20 mins, pastu tidor, esok sambung topup air. Masalahnye aku ni sik rasa-rasa cam tak cukup rasa dok tambah garam. bagi husband rasa dia kata cam air pipe?? soh kak teh rasa kak teh soh tambah halia. soh kak long n abg long rasa diorg kata masin. so solution nye tambah air je la segelas dua.

Ni sayuran2 hiasan.

Mee hun. Kalau ikot kak teh. tak yah celor ngan air panas. celor dalam air biasa je. Mama kata celor ngan air panas. Kalau style kak teh tu boleh, tapi make sure kuah masa bagi orang, kena panaskan. tapi aku celor je la. 

The bakso. bila nak cedok2 kat orang ilang pulok kau.

Tumis rempah 4 sekawan.serai. halia, kena lebih. Masokkan tumis ( bawang merah, bawang putih, 2 paket perencah sup adabi). tekan stir & fry. Then masokkan tulang temulang itu, masokkan air. tekan high pressure 20min. Kalau nak bukak selepas tu, kena keluarkan pressure dia dulu, kalau nak bukak esok pagi, tak payah kuar2 kan pressure bagai. kalau pressure tinggi periok tak leyh bukak. pastu tambah air and garam. tekan stir & fry semula. rasa la sampai tak rasa air pipe.zzzz.. pastu tekan keep warm.

Esok paginya settle kan lah buat soup tu and potong-potong sayur. Mama kata bakso malaysia ni asal hentam je sayor2 dia. Tu yang lobak seme tu. indon nye pure i xtau la, ikotkan diorang tak pakai tulang kan. dia pakai sumsum eh. em before ahad, Dah pesan da sebelom tu lagi, ahad jangan gi mana-mana yer. saya nak wat keje. Tapi start Kol 10 hubby da kuar umah cari itu ini. Seb bek mat danish baik je perangai. Dapat la siap bee hun soup bakso, sayur2 dia, spagethi bolognese, ayam goreng ayamas. Kol 12 hubby amek sate 300 batang. nasib wife emosi stabil, thanx Danish bagi kerjasama.

Hubby ni jenis tak suka sangat kalau masak-masak nak bawak sudu bagi dia rasa. ntah apa yang dia tak nak bukak mulut ntah. Asik2 kata "saya tak suka" " boleh tak confident je dengan rasa tu". hello i nak mintak pendapat, tak suka bila da dalam pinggan baru nak komen macam2. ntah la, memang gitu tiap2 kali masak nak kena sentap. Before org datang hubby da rasmi kan soup tu. Dia kata cam air pipe. bersabar la Suhaida. berdarah hati ini. tadi bagi ko tak komen langsungg. Kak long datang, suami isteri tu try kata masin. So just tambah segelas dua air la nak kasi balance. Kak teh soh tambah halia banyak2. 

berdiri dari hadapan : Kek coklat (by kakteh, TQ kak teh!),  mee hun (kuah dalam periok, oko tak jumpa flask, last skali letak dalam periok vision tu), spagheti bolognese (ingat nak buat carbonara, tapi xpelah), ayamas (masak sikit2 guna airfryer, habis sepeket, masak nugget la, easy peasy), sate baung (dap2).

Berdiri dari depan : Air coke (beli before boycott, sbb murah, husband bukan i eh), fruit cocktail (yang ni pakai air soda), air oren (patut nye dia minoman utama , bape kali aku ulang alik buat lagi n lagi), coffee.

Fruit coktail tu, masok kan 2 tin susu cair,  1 tin buah-buahan cocktail, buah laici, nata de coco, 500 ml air soda, 2 sudu susu pekat manis, and ice, (dari blog jannahsiddek.blogspot.com, TQ, hehe)

Tetamu pertama adalah kak teh, yang memberi janji pelesu nok mari pagi-pagi. last-last sekali da settle baru datang. lol. Kol 2 orang datang. Kawan kerja, kakaks & kakak ipar, pastu kawan oko.Eh asal cam ramai serentak2 datang ni. Cukup ke cukup ke. Debor aku tengok makanan yang sikit, mana nak letak muka kalau tak cukup. HEHE.

tetamu pertama yang kemudianye mengelap armchair yang diduduki itu. kerana menumpahkan cocktail. haha.

kawan-kawan dari spital. Maceh datang. hilang kejong jap. baru rasa natural, HAHA,

Kawan-kawan husband. lagi menaturalkan keadaan. Suhaida da tak kekok lagi.

Before maghrib kawan-kawan husband pon balik. Last tetamu sorang je. kawan kerja laut oko. semayang magrib then balik, diikuti oleh kak teh.

Husband nye kerja. kuih kat dapor dia kuorkan ngan bekas-bekas asal tu. zzzz.

Selepas majlis.

Sate balance bawak gi tempat kerja esokknye.

Oh, Soupmee hun tu kakteh & kaklong topup kan, takot tak cukup ke apa kan. Nasib ada mereka. Bila org da balik baru sy makan seme makanan tu,  Xde la terok sangat pon. Hehe. 

Pastu cam ok. Next year nak improve buat yg lagi better. Meja hopefully da kurlasss sikit, pinggan mangkok nak hidang pon. Yang penting da try sekali, da tgk kemampuan diri. Kalau x sampai bila aku nak cuak org nak dtg umah xde apa yg aku berani nak hidang kan. Hihi. Tapi yg penting bukan bee hun soup lagi! Lol.

1/11 mungkin nak buat housewarming/aqiqah/besday Danish. Catering la kan. Kasi settle je la seme. HAHA. sama je kalau wat besday ajak family je, family oko je da bape. baik aku katering kan je teros. all in one. 

ok daa. 
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