Hi, currently blogging from my parents' home sweet home.
Boys are sleeping.
I hope i'm able to finish writing this post before they wake up.
Actually plan to do laundry, but hey i end up here :p


Its been 5 months since i join Al-Baghdadi class.

Why i choose to join it

Because When i read al-quran, i hv doubts on my makhraj & tajwid

How u pronounce dal, sod, dod, yada yadaa..
Because i flip through my mum's tajwid book, there are ways on pronouncing it.
So it makes me doubt on my makhraj.
How come my Dzal & Zai, Tsa & Sin sounds the same?
Something like that.

And the tajwid,
not the 2 harkat 4 6 harkah,
The tanwin, do i need to include some hurufs in my tanwin like sin shin, something like that.
Of course i learned it during Sekolah agama. But just cant absorb ;p of course la u go class main-main kan. Thought that all you learned from mengaji class is enough. No need to remember. Practice make perfect. After all, u go all agak-agak logic & betol. ;p

Al Baghdadi Class

The centre is at Gombak, i joined the class nearest to my house, which is Kajang Branch, so close to my house, what a luck.

I join every Wednesday.
They are 3 classes running on Wednesday
For Adult.
Class 1, 2 , 3

Also available for kids.
But on Monday.

The fee is RM 100/month.
Once a week class.

Class 1.
Will teach you how to use the kayu ketok.
And will teach huruf Sin, Jim & Dal.
Baris atas, bawah, depan, tanwin
Huruf mad Alif wau.

Kayu actually helps you to synchronize your harakat with your classmates, and to make you alert during the 2 hours class. It works. You wont go ngantuk & boring.
and ustaz can detect anyone who has different ketukan, means you have miss some harakat during the bacaan.

When u has passed the ketukan & 3 basic huruf, then you can go to the next class

Class 2.
Will learned about 14 basic huruf.
Which simple like ba, ta, jim, dal, zai, yada yada which is simple like our daily pronounciation.

What i like about it, apart from learning, ustaz will give tazkirah, which i like.
And make me think i would like to cont this class, so that i will be reminded & reminded spiritually.

Class 3.
Will learn about the other 14 huruf.
Like Dhod, Tho, which your tounge and cheek should play some role ;p
Im so eager to go to next class
But currently im practicing my 14 huruf in class 2 in my daily Quran reading.
I enjoy it especially in pronouncing tsa, sin, dzal, zai, Ha.
Best best.
Rasa keberhasilan itu.

Class 4.
Is Class Tajwid, Talaqi.
Belajar Tajwid.
Cant wait for this class.
Every Thursday.

I love al baghdadi class.
U guys should join.
Then u will appreciate your quran reading.
Even in the solat.
Thumbs up.

I got discussed with my classmate,
what if we finish the albaghdadi class.
We should join other class.
Usrah & all.
After a few minutes, i suggest, what if mandarin class? so out of topic. LOL.
Actually arab class also will give u benefit right.
Currently understand it through tafsir only.
But will see suddenly if i got minat or not.
During Sekolah agama time, i was not ever ever minat to learn it.
Dont know why.
Maybe someday i will minat.
Currently my mom is attending the arabic class.
If she keeps updating me what she learns maybe i will find it interesting. Hopefully.

Ok Thats all for today.
Im so  hungry.
Lets breakfast.

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Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan batin.

How was your Ramadhan?
My Ramadhan was great, and for the 1st time i feel really productive during the fasting month.

Maybe because my husband is home! He made sahur for two of us, from as simple as roti nutella, nasi kosong telur, nasi goreng.. only missed 2 times sahur for this year. Boleh gadoh weyh asal tak kejot, asal tak bangun. Hehe. I pon serik tak bangun sahur, petang je lembik-lembik badan. Ye la menyusu kan, kena la bangun sahur.

And for iftar, i cooked for us, doesnt matter if its good or not, i think its way better than bazaar food. But, it only last for 2 weeks,  since i need to travel to Hospital Selayang for TDM attachment which forced me to be part of the heavy traffic. Derr. So hubby bought bazaar food for iftar. I donno lah, since i stopped my contraceptive pill, all the foods taste so damnnnnn good. Haih. Even till now, all the kuih raya, kerepek, nasi impit, kuah lodeh, all tastee good, semua rumah i makannn, walau pon menu sama, tapi tetap berselera sangat. Orang balik raya , I sambung jadi tetamu habiskan kuih. Wah, hormone really play play with my appetite ah. But i dont mind, since im so skinny now, hope it helps me to gain weight.

Oh ya, i took advantage over the long hours in traffic jam, so i have 3-4 hours on road listening to What a good channel, very informative, reminding me the God's love and all. Make me appreciate Ramadhan more and understand more about my God, religion which i thought hey i knew it, i learned it, i heard it, but it didnt reach your heart. I can feel that this year, the toughest year of my life, God answers me, in many ways, through people around me, through ikim, through tafsir alquran and all. God loves me, he is close to me.

I was raised by how scary is God, all the punishment and all. It makes me far from God. I didnt feel the love. Honestly. Because thats the way school tought us, how people remind us, by telling all the scary things if you do this and that.

So, when i said in my heart, oh Allah, i wanna feel your love, i wanna love you, purely from heart. So, when i faced my problem this year, im guided, and adviced, from the right person that is very soft and the way they advice is like all the good thing about the test, the good side of Allah. Then i feel stronger and stronger, then i fall in love with tazkirah in Sampai kadang-kadang tersandar dengar Penyayang pengampun nye Allah. Aku sayang kau Allah. Terima kasih kerana mengizinkan aku dekat dengan kau melalui ujian-ujian yang kau beri. Aku akan terus kuat, dan berusaha mendekatimu Ya Allah. 

But haih the last 10 days ramadhan was not so good, since i busy with my attachment. Haih. Staying up late to settle my work, sleepy & tired for the prayers. Somehow its a good start. Thanx Allah. Guide me and keep me in the right track, ease my journey to Jannah. 

For the 1st day raya. As usual , we raya at Subang 1st. Since they will marathon as much as the house they can. Hee. So if we miss it, we need to raya alone later. Hehe. And for 2nd raya and the rest of it, we raya at my hometown, kluang. Basically we just stay at home. Hehe. Raya 1 house /day. Mihmihmih. But still feel happening la, maybe my own house kot. Lol. Apa2 pon still rasa awesome. Close to mum, mum's cook, hehe.

On the 3rd hari raya, we had a shy shy celebration for Noah's 1st birthday. Planned to have customized birthday cake for him, at least, didi and friends, but seems like everyone is busy for their hari raya, and open order after 5th day hari raya. Next year la Noah, we make it up again. A proper one. Somehow, still sweet & simple sayang. 

Hehe thats my only update for this time.too long if wanna tell all the single thing.

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Swimming class

Harini, class ke 7 danish. Haih budokk ni kan. Menjerit je keje dalam kolam. Step sama je aku ajar . Keje dia berpaut kat leher je. Dia asyik nak pergi kolam sebelah yg ada slide. 

Step 1
Letak anak tepi kolam, kita tunggu dlm kolam, suruh dia terjun or tarik badan dia, so badan dia akan jatuh horizontal. Yang tu favourite danish lah. Step 1 ok step 1 favourite dia. Tiap2 kali masok kolam kena start dengan ni dulu.

step 2

Aeroplane. Kita pangku badan dia kat tangan kita. So biar dia gerak kaki n tangan dia. Yang ni la yang dok berpaut2nya. Padahal xde pe pon. 

Step 3.

Passing. Pass dia tu ke partner. Tenggelam kan dia n pass dia ke org depan. So dia akan float sendiri. Mula2 je berjaya. Pastu dia xmo da. Makin hari makin xmo. Dia tau da aku kiri 1 2 3 tu nak tenggelam kan dia

harini bawak noah sekali, alang2 ada Noah, test kat kolam sebelah. Sonang je. Kaki badan xkeras. Follow je.

Huhu. So next time, sorg ajar danish kolam sana, sorang ajar noah, kolam lg 1 while tunggu danish abes klas lol.
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Update : Noah

Selamat pagi,

Berblogging sambil pump susu.

Boring pump sorang2 dlm surau ni.
Lets talk about Noah.

Noah minggu ni da nak masok 9 bulan.
Berat 8.5kg. Em tak naik 1kg per month da la cani.

Mat noah ni kategori cepat jugak la progress dia. 6 bulan da merangkak. Danish dulu 8 bulan baru nak merangkak. Now noah da pandai lepas2 tangan untuk berdiri.

Noah ni jenis senyap je. Tapi ligat dia sama je cam abang. Tapi version hok molek sikit. Kalau abg dia tdo or xde , baru la boleh nampak perangai noah, klw  x ade je abg nak overshadow adik dia. 

Noah ni, tak boleh la naik kete klw mama dia yg drive, komfem dia nangis cam xcukup nafas mintak ambik. Kadang terpaksa pegang sambil drive or benti susukan kat petrol pump. Tapi pas back to org lain komfem nangis semula.

Ni pon da day 4 dia demam. Xtau la pagi ni demam lagi ke x. Rasa nya pagi td x panas pon. Hopefully da ok la ye.

Mama doa noah membesar dengan baik & sempurna. K tata titi tutu
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Update : Danish


Lama tak update pasal anak.

Muhammad Danish

Esok danish dah nak masok 2 tahun 5 bulan.
Perkembangannye hemm.. Makin pandai bercakap, kuat berangan bercakap, nakal nak perhatian mama dia, selalu buat adik dia, suka gigit la tepok muka la, tapi kadang baik sgt sayang adik dia, mama masih pening nak paham danish. Masa ada papa danish ok. Bila xde papa perangai danish world class lah. Teros dia jadi melekat belakang mama, buat perangai, tokma kata dia takot mama dia hilang depan mata dia. Yelah mungkin dia sayang sgt mama dia ni, sampai xboleh hilang depan mata, nak ikot je sampai ke jamban, sembahyang nak duduk atas mama, tido pelok dia. Mungkin dia xpandai express lagi. Mama pon mcm hilang focus 2 bulan ni. Mama mintak maaf xdpt jadi mak yang sempurna tahun ni. Doakan mama jadi lebih baik yer.

Danish banyak belajar dekat taska, motor2 skill ke , abc ke 123, taska tu aktif mengajar budak, xyah hantar playschool, bersyukur sangat. Nak harapkan mama ni, tah apa la yang danish dapat. 

Pastu danish kuat minom susu, nenen tu dia nak ngada2 je, makan kalau kat umah tak de nye dia nak makan, kalau ada kawan2 makan baru dia makan.

Oh ye, Danish pon da makin tinggi. Da pandai bukak tombol pintu tu. Ingat ke ada orang bukak kan. So tgh berak ke kena lock lah. Heheh.

Dia kalau nak mandi, nak mandi sama2 ngan lego dia dlm tub baby tu. Kalau kita amek wuduk ke gosok gg ke, ada je mamat tu sekali. Hehe.

Sabtu ni nak bawak dia belajar swimming. Memandangkan dia sangat suka mandi kolam, and tak takot n trauma utk tenggelam kan muka or poyo2 berenang. So lets see how. Hope he do it well.

I love you baby boy. Walaupun mama selalu marah danish, tengok mainan, nak pergi mana tak de danish, rasa tak kena pulak, tapi kalau da bawak rasa cam  wrong decision plak. Hahaha. 

Potty train xtrain2 lagi lah. Xkuasa pikir nak kena mop lantai. Tunggu papa dia handle lah.

Hehe. K tu saje update kali ni. XOXO
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Suhaida ni jenis  tak rajin &  tak terlintas nak ke spa2 ni. Klw kat kampung, senang la soh tukang urut datang kan. Available aje. Kalau kat sini, laku tukang urutnye pastu kena amek plak tu. Malas la i.

So i pergi spa rania stalista kat bangi gateway. Sebab? Uiiii tulang da stiff badan da sakit2 urus hanak2.

Kat spa rania ni. Hari selasa hari murah dia. Kalau hari biasa rm 78 ke 88 ntah. Klw selasa dapat rm 58. Pastu beli beberapa jam terus dengan harga hari selasa tu , and boleh guna utk hari apa2 je asal call dulu booking. Cannot walk in.

I beli 6 jam teros da guna 1 jam setengah ritu. Sekali ngan scrub. Scrub rm 48. Tp klw wat membership yg rege rm 58 tu. Scrub jadi free.

Setakat ni i penah try spa ni je. Tp urutan dia best! Kena seme tempat. Layanan pon baik. Tp scrub dia bau susu angat. Nak muntah pon ada bau susu kuat sgt. Tp kalau ada scrub sendiri bawak je la bagi dia. 

Ritu aku off jap kerja g massage. Habis massage & scrub kol 12 mandi teros siap2 kat sana.

Aku beli membership tu, dpt free 10 sauna + 1 scrub + 1 manipedi ke apa ntah.

Tapi tiap-tiap bulan mmg kena pegi ah. Baru ringan badan ni.

Kawan lak asyik kata thai oddysey lagi sedap! Tp kat ioi city mall la. Alaaa jauh laa. Kalau kat mall2 ni kena off 1 hari gituu. Hahah

Husband pon i carikan 1 tempat massage. Dulu bawak dia g Thibbuljawi makk aihhh mahall nak mampos. Memang tak datang dah la kan, pokai gitu je. Kali ni bawak dia pergi darul syifaa kat bangi tu. Seksyen 15. Dekat je ngan tempat massage i. Tu pon i tanya org spa tu tempat urut laki kat mana . Orang tu kata biasanya bila wife urut sini, husband dia pergi darul syifaa tu. Murah je rm60 sejam. I lioke. Sbb husband memang xberapa proactive kan. Mak la kena carikan dia tukang urut. Kalau tak dia biar je badan sakit2 tu.

Lepas ni i nak manja2 kan diri lagi la. Cam seronok plak. Try g spa lain yg best bab kulit2 lak. Lol. Makin kahwin makin nak cantek kan. Dulu xcamni sangat. Hahah

Tu ada tmpt gunting rambot, hair treatment. Belom try.

Ni bilik massage

Ni membership package

Ni as syifa tmpt urut suami. Dalam suami kata kayu2 je. Luar je cantik.

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Outing with kids

Actually sabtu lepas aku bawak mat danish, noah & bibik pergi ioi city mall. Kalau ikot kan perangai aku ni. Mmg aku perap kan je anak2 & bibik dlm rumah. Xberani nak bawak keluar. Lagi2 dengan kes sekarang ni kan. Tp sbb danish da besar & dah terbiasa papa bawak keluar setiap weekend. So aku kena plan tiap2 minggu apa aktiviti dengan dia. Even malam weekdays pon.

So kol 8:30 pagi siapkan diri & anak2. Kemas beg diorg mcm akan balik mlm. Incase nak g mana2 lagi ke kan. Bawak susu danish & pump 2 botol susu utk noah. 

Pukul 10:45 sampai la kat ioi city mall. Pagi sangat tau. Takot xdapat parking. Direct park kat zone A. Da tanya siap2 kat org gymboree tu parking mana. Takkot aku xjumpa jalan pulang nanti. Huhu.

Masa sampai. Aku keluarkan stroller. Angkat beg masok bawah stroller. Masokkan danish dalam stroller. Pakai kan bibik carrier. Masokkan noah dalam carrier. Pastikan semua barang2 xtinggal (Padahal ipad tertinggal dlm kereta, nasib xde org pecah tingkap). Then, Ambik gambar tembok parking, takot balik nangis kete xjumpa. Then naik lif ke gymboree.

Sampai je gymboree class music start 11:25am. Play area xboleh main sbb ada
Class. I bayar dulu la. Class music rm100 for 45 mins + playgym rm 30 per hour.So kitorg pergi la makan dulu kat food junction. Kat makan2 ni la ketenangan n keteraturan dalam kepala ni terganggu. Danish kalau bawak makan mmg out. Meronta2 nak keluar stroller la. Suap xnak makan lah. Nak main ngan air lah.  Sudahnye makan rushing & mak emo. Pastu ok control mood balik. Sbb aku klw mood celaru, celaru la segalanya. Class pon da start .

So bila masok kelas tu. Ada sorg budak je. Nama denise umur sama ngan danish. Danish plak menangis2 xnak masok kelas tu sbb dia da aim nak main kat playgym.

Terpaksa la distract dia dgn ball & barang2 dlm kelas tu. Mula2 dia malu2. Lama2 xmalu da. Tp denise tu bagus ikot arahan.  Danish being active boy yg easily distracted. Nak itu ini. 

Kalau kelas tu murah ok la kot nak g weekly. Klw walk in 1 class rm 100. Klau nak murah & mmg nak anta selalu..

Package dia lebih kurang camni

rm 950 12 class habiskan dlm masa 3 bulan. Tp xleyh campor class. Klw play art art lah. Play , music kena bayar lain. And utk danish sahaja.

Ada yg rm 1800 utk 24 class habiskan dalam masa 6 bulan.

Ada yg rm3800 utk 48 class habiskan dalam masa 12 bulan. 

Dua yg mahal ni. Boleh combine noah &danish n dpt la class2 free lain.

Class dia da siap2 ada jadual ikot umur & class. 

Tp as for me no la. I will come once in 2 month je. Klw tiap2 minggu kalah harga taska . Kawan aku aen cakap, kat uk free je benda2 ni. 

So after music class aku bg dia main kat playgym tu. Sesuai ngan interest dia berlari2. Panjat2 main ball bagai. Next time kalau g , nak amek slot play class lah. Ada conductor dia. Nak amek package tu no la kan, kuasa plak aku dtg tiap2 Minggu nak habiskan dlm masa 3 bulan.

Pastu habis je main. Tukar pampers danish & noah. Bg susu kat both baby. Then g mothercare. Beli baju noah, swimming pants noah, socks noah , teether Noah & mainan danish 1 (nak jugak).

Pastu cont drive to subang. Cari kfc drive thru. Lapaar. Xkan nak dtg umah org lapar2. Nak beli kat ioi xmo dah serik bawak danish g tmpt makan.

Sampai umah in law kol 3. Makan semayang. Danish cam biasa aku nak smyg dia nangis, nak kena tengok dia makan. Aku xde dia nangis xnak makan. Xmo ngan org. Noah plak menangis cam kena sampok. Aku ingat ke ternampak apa2. Sebab dia bukan budak yg suka nangis xmemasal. Dia senang punya budak. Tp dia nangis bagi susu xnak apa xnak. Upenyeee dia da kenal orang. Bila makcik2 dia pegang habis jebik nangis xsudah. Selama ni dok umah je kan. Xperasan plak dia gitu. Besar da anak mama tu.

Then magrib mandi 2 anak. susu kan. And gerak balik kajang. Sampai umah isyak. Makan makanan kak ipar bungkus. 

Seronok & puas dapat buat seme tu dengan tenang. Knowing me yg sangat serabot & panic kan. Xzangkaaa i can handle. And both being so baik in car. Tidoor je. Selalu nye enish tu klw dalam kete menjerit2 soh keluar kan dia dari car seat. Kali ni pergi balik dia tido. Pastu balik rumah ajak sambung main. Dia xtau aku sakit badan sampai selasa g massage plak. Haha. Ok cite massage sambung next entry.

Me & kids & maid. (Maid ni mengikut arahan je, xsama la klw kita kuar ngan sedara ke adik ke somi ke yg kita boleh depends on)

Danish at gymboree playgym. Gamba kat  music class kat IG la yer.

 Bibik & noah tunggu sini je. Tapi last2 aku bawak je noah masok. Dia xmain pon xyah bayar.

Cakk! Noah da masok sekali. Noah nak join jugak x next time? 

Danish playing his toys with subang's cousins.

Hope you enjoy & happy. And hope that im doing the best as mum. Pat your shoulder.

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