Hi, currently blogging from my parents' home sweet home.
Boys are sleeping.
I hope i'm able to finish writing this post before they wake up.
Actually plan to do laundry, but hey i end up here :p


Its been 5 months since i join Al-Baghdadi class.

Why i choose to join it

Because When i read al-quran, i hv doubts on my makhraj & tajwid

How u pronounce dal, sod, dod, yada yadaa..
Because i flip through my mum's tajwid book, there are ways in pronouncing it.
So it makes me doubt on my makhraj.
How come my Dzal & Zai, Tsa & Sin sounds the same?
Something like that.

And the tajwid,
not the 2 harkat 4 6 harkah,
The tanwin, do i need to include some hurufs in my tanwin like sin shin, something like that.
Of course i learned it during Sekolah agama. But just cant absorb ;p of course la u go class main-main kan. Thought that all you learned from mengaji class is enough. No need to remember. Practice make perfect. After all, u go all agak-agak logic & betol. ;p

Al Baghdadi Class

The centre is at Gombak, i joined the class nearest to my house, which is Kajang Branch, so close to my house, what a luck.

I join every Wednesday.
They are 3 classes running on Wednesday
For Adult.
Class 1, 2 , 3

Also available for kids.
But on Monday.

The fee is RM 100/month.
Once a week class.

Class 1.
Will teach you how to use the kayu ketok.
And will teach huruf Sin, Jim & Dal.
Baris atas, bawah, depan, tanwin
Huruf mad Alif wau.

Kayu actually helps you to synchronize your harakat with your classmates, and to make you alert during the 2 hours class. It works. You wont go ngantuk & boring.
and ustaz can detect anyone who has different ketukan, means you have miss some harakat during the bacaan.

When u has passed the ketukan & 3 basic huruf, then you can go to the next class

Class 2.
Will learned about 14 basic huruf.
Which simple like ba, ta, jim, dal, zai, yada yada which is simple like our daily pronounciation.

What i like about it, apart from learning, ustaz will give tazkirah, which i like.
And make me think i would like to cont this class, so that i will be reminded & reminded spiritually.

Class 3.
Will learn about the other 14 huruf.
Like Dhod, Tho, which your tounge and cheek should play some role ;p
Im so eager to go to next class
But currently im practicing my 14 huruf in class 2 in my daily Quran reading.
I enjoy it especially in pronouncing tsa, sin, dzal, zai, Ha.
Best best.
Rasa keberhasilan itu.

Class 4.
Is Class Tajwid,
Belajar Tajwid.
Cant wait for this class.
Every Thursday.

Class 5.
membaca alquran

I love al baghdadi class.
U guys should join.
Then u will appreciate your quran reading.
Even in the solat.
Thumbs up.

I got discussed with my classmate,
what if we finish the albaghdadi class.
We should join other class.
Usrah & all.
After a few minutes, i suggest, what if mandarin class? so out of topic. LOL.
Actually arab class also will give u benefit right.
Currently understand it through tafsir only.
But will see suddenly if i got minat or not.
During Sekolah agama time, i was not ever ever minat to learn it.
Dont know why.
Maybe someday i will minat.
Currently my mom is attending the arabic class.
If she keeps updating me what she learns maybe i will find it interesting. Hopefully.

Ok Thats all for today.
Im so  hungry.
Lets breakfast.

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