My list of blessing at my 28th birthday.

Still having the chance to have their boundless loves at this age. May God bless you guys with long lives, happy & healthy , body & spirit. Coz i cant never imagine life without them. The greatest parents i could ever wish in this world. Now its my turn to play your role, for my kids and husband. I hope i can be as good as you guys. You guys been doing so great, if it doesnt turn as what you want, its my own fault, forgive me for everypart that turn you off & sad while raising me up. Please God, ease their path to heaven.

Im blessed to be married to a hardworking, comitted, patience husband. A husband that i can count on, can do the house chores, can look after a baby as good as a mother could ever do. I miss and love you everyseconds you are not around, but i keep myself busy, so that i wont miss you much, and i try not to count the days you near & far from me. Because im still adapting how to not miss you when you not around, and how to not to be so dependent on you when you are home. But one thing for sure, im learning to be a good wife and mother everyday. Sorry for any shortcoming from me, the fluctuating mood, the emotional tone, the grumpy days, but you just keep yourself as cool as you can. God just knew what kind of soulmate i needed when he gave me you :)


To be blessed with a healthy,cute,goodlooking,clever kid. Im just so in love with you baby, please grow well and mama will try my best to shape you into a decent, success man here & afterlife. 

Having a brother who looks after us when husband not around. Same goes to you, thanks for being patience with us.

Having my bestfriends, sharing the jokes,tips,gossips (never ending), shopping ideas (krik krik), & listening to my rant (most important, top list). Friendship till toothless, ohkay.

The Nekdun's family. The centre of laughter for me. And now a playcentre for Danish. Hikhik. Thanks for being nice to me & Danish. 

Doing a job at the department that i love most among all. Praying for a positive attitude & motivation everyday, so that i can be better and better in my field.

Blessed by a healthy body. Oh God, thanks for easing my second pregnancy. Feeling energetic, stronger, positive than the previous one. 

For always be with me up & down. Coz i realize, human will never ever be all the time with me, its only you God. How happy i am with human loves, but feels very empty when they are not around. From there i realize, i cant rely on people to make me happy, the happiness is in me. Thanks for bringing more and more positive things in me, and make me stronger day by day.

To be able to breath & to continue life &  given extra times to repent for the sin i've committed & given chances to do more good deeds in life.

Happy 28th Birthday, Suhaida.
Love yourself & Practice the power of giving.

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2 Response to "Blessed."

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