Wednesday, 5th December 2012

Saat- saat yang sgt hectic adalah di ketika ini ye.

1) I dunno what the bridal been doing with my reception suite. Its like, WHAT THE? And i've lost trust in her. Yes. Sy masih belom fitting baju. And baju dia sgt out. We'll be back on 17th with so many doubt. Can we cancel the reception if the baju seriously sucks!?

2) Im settling my works. Will be on leave start 16th. 7 working days to settle all. Hopefully manage to settle it.

1 month he's away rasa cam oh nak balik da next week? 2 weeks away from wedding? Not focusing on the feeling yet but more on settling things. My gut feeling is that, things especially the bridal, the dewan, i dunno will turn out 50% as planned. The baju. The most frustrating one. Though she buat yg baru, i still guess , its not like what i want. Loss interest. Like seriously though i planned as simple as i can think of, kindly do not make it any worse.

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