Antenatal Class


Blogging from the workplace during Friday's break hours. Sleepy. Just finish drafting my Serah Tugas list before the confinement. 

Ok, before i walk to surau for nap, wanna update my antenatal class which i went on 29th Sept 2013.

So, after adjusting hubby's schedule, DEMC fit the date. (Though it cost slightly higher than KPMC, HUKM, RM 120 per couple with 4 meals)

The Itinerary. 
The coffee for hubby. Dare to sleep i slaaapp you. LOL.
The hall.
The 2 Goodie bag. 
Lets see whats in it..
Taddaa... nice. (Pampers, lotion, powder, milk, napkin, wipes)
The breakfast.
The lunch.
The labour room.
The breathing class.
Hubby demo for posture getting up from bed.
Breathing during contraction.
Bought this book for RM 20.
The content of the book.

Overall, i am satisfied with the course. Good speaker, interactive, approachable. I got what i wanna know. But im a bit slow in breastfeeding class. BUT THE CLASS IS VERY GOOD. Its me not the class probs. HEHE. Cant catch on certain things. Still blur to me,i thought of googling when the times come, fortunately there's a book to be bought. :) Oh the speaker is so interactive. I approach them during tea time. I showed the breastfeeding speaker the lump under my armpit, wanted to know ist the breast tissue or cancer cell. She brought me to toilet and suruh I tuam dengan air panas eh? baru je try semalam. takot lah kalau cell cancer. :( Tiba2 je ada last trim ni.

And, in breathing class, i only get on the breathing technique during contraction which slowly tangle up in my mind, i wanted to know the posture and the do's and dont's during the labour process. Still need to get from experienced person.

Like : Dont shout, dont push before 10 cm, dont lift your butt, anything else dearr?
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  1. lily lotus says:
    October 17, 2013 at 6:19 PM

    banyakkan berselawat :)

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