Wake up.

Just a midnight thought. Since my son, being good tonight, i would like to ramble  on something. Mom & dad are aging. Though they are still here, they hv started preparing for the little brothers future, when they are not around one day. They brought them to mecca for umrah, mama said " yang lain mama da nampak dah boleh pergi sendiri nanti, yang lagi dua tak tau akan jejak ke tak, sementara mama ada ni mama bawak la dari tak dapat pergi langsung bila mama & ayah takde". Sayang nye parents kepada anak-anak. 

In a family, there's always one or two child which role as a TEST from God, i guess, "thats how positive my mom takes it". Antara ayat-ayat yang aku dengar time cuti 3 bulan ni.

"nanti kita belikan la satu rumah untuk dia". 

"Biar dia uruskan company yg ayah register kan",

"Ayah da putus harapan", 

"Eh ayah jangan la putus harapan, ni semua ujian untuk kita dari Tuhan "

"Nanti kalau kita tak de, dia macamana"

I dont know what really in your head, where is your life direction, where is your responsibility. What do you feel for making parents worry about you. Please change. I dont want you to cry on the day looking back how useless you have been for them and how many hopes you ruin. While they are around, make them happy, be a good son. Wake up.

I love you mom & dad. 

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