Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan batin.

How was your Ramadhan?
My Ramadhan was great, and for the 1st time i feel really productive during the fasting month.

Maybe because my husband is home! He made sahur for two of us, from as simple as roti nutella, nasi kosong telur, nasi goreng.. only missed 2 times sahur for this year. Boleh gadoh weyh asal tak kejot, asal tak bangun. Hehe. I pon serik tak bangun sahur, petang je lembik-lembik badan. Ye la menyusu kan, kena la bangun sahur.

And for iftar, i cooked for us, doesnt matter if its good or not, i think its way better than bazaar food. But, it only last for 2 weeks,  since i need to travel to Hospital Selayang for TDM attachment which forced me to be part of the heavy traffic. Derr. So hubby bought bazaar food for iftar. I donno lah, since i stopped my contraceptive pill, all the foods taste so damnnnnn good. Haih. Even till now, all the kuih raya, kerepek, nasi impit, kuah lodeh, all tastee good, semua rumah i makannn, walau pon menu sama, tapi tetap berselera sangat. Orang balik raya , I sambung jadi tetamu habiskan kuih. Wah, hormone really play play with my appetite ah. But i dont mind, since im so skinny now, hope it helps me to gain weight.

Oh ya, i took advantage over the long hours in traffic jam, so i have 3-4 hours on road listening to What a good channel, very informative, reminding me the God's love and all. Make me appreciate Ramadhan more and understand more about my God, religion which i thought hey i knew it, i learned it, i heard it, but it didnt reach your heart. I can feel that this year, the toughest year of my life, God answers me, in many ways, through people around me, through ikim, through tafsir alquran and all. God loves me, he is close to me.

I was raised by how scary is God, all the punishment and all. It makes me far from God. I didnt feel the love. Honestly. Because thats the way school tought us, how people remind us, by telling all the scary things if you do this and that.

So, when i said in my heart, oh Allah, i wanna feel your love, i wanna love you, purely from heart. So, when i faced my problem this year, im guided, and adviced, from the right person that is very soft and the way they advice is like all the good thing about the test, the good side of Allah. Then i feel stronger and stronger, then i fall in love with tazkirah in Sampai kadang-kadang tersandar dengar Penyayang pengampun nye Allah. Aku sayang kau Allah. Terima kasih kerana mengizinkan aku dekat dengan kau melalui ujian-ujian yang kau beri. Aku akan terus kuat, dan berusaha mendekatimu Ya Allah. 

But haih the last 10 days ramadhan was not so good, since i busy with my attachment. Haih. Staying up late to settle my work, sleepy & tired for the prayers. Somehow its a good start. Thanx Allah. Guide me and keep me in the right track, ease my journey to Jannah. 

For the 1st day raya. As usual , we raya at Subang 1st. Since they will marathon as much as the house they can. Hee. So if we miss it, we need to raya alone later. Hehe. And for 2nd raya and the rest of it, we raya at my hometown, kluang. Basically we just stay at home. Hehe. Raya 1 house /day. Mihmihmih. But still feel happening la, maybe my own house kot. Lol. Apa2 pon still rasa awesome. Close to mum, mum's cook, hehe.

On the 3rd hari raya, we had a shy shy celebration for Noah's 1st birthday. Planned to have customized birthday cake for him, at least, didi and friends, but seems like everyone is busy for their hari raya, and open order after 5th day hari raya. Next year la Noah, we make it up again. A proper one. Somehow, still sweet & simple sayang. 

Hehe thats my only update for this time.too long if wanna tell all the single thing.

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