Photos in Goldcoast- Day 1

The view from our balcony.

Walking to the centro paradise

Centro Paradise

The place to lepak-lepak, banyak show dari siang sampai malam. tak de keje datang la sini tengok macam-macam ada.

Tempat membeli & menaiki Aqua duck.. $35 per adult. Tour for 1 Hour.

While waiting.

Aquaduck! Run run baby run!

Lets Go! Pegang tudung, heroowtt habeh nanti. Angin Kuat. Hehe.

Bumpy on the road, now we are going to get into the water, and it will be getting smoother.

Splashh! The salty water got into my eyes! get you shades on!

Then, we went to Surfer Paradise Beachmarket 

Ok gamba market memang tak ambik. Gamba syok sdr ada. LOL.

Otw back to hotel, melalui centro paradise, ini adalah salah satu contoh aktiviti malam di centro paradise, itu semua manusia menjadi patong yang bisa berinteraksi dengan homey homey.

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